Republicans debated in Ohio. The economy barely came up. - Washington Post (blog)

Former Florida Gov. Additionally, it raises a really Ohio question: When you're planning to debate inside a swing state, shouldn't a person emphasis about the issue that will practically usually dominates its elections?

Jim Tankersley addresses economic policy for The Particular Post. Mike Huckabee. Jeb Bush touted power policy, regulatory reform and "fixing our immigration system and turning it in to an economic driver."

In the actual early debate, one of the most specifics originated in former Virginia Gov. Candidates stated what "middle class" exactly twice - as well as certainly one of these was when Nj Gov. That originated from a voter on Facebook, who wondered what Rubio would do to assist tiny businesses.

"It begins by having leaders in which notice that your economy we are now living in today is actually dramatically distinct from the 1 we had five years ago" the senator replied, before rattling off a quick while focusing pair of policy proposals: decreasing corporate taxes, improving higher training to be able to boost worker skills, imposing a "regulatory budget" upon government and repealing Obamacare and the Dodd-Frank financial reforms.

It was a uncommon exchange for any debate that consigned economic policy into a backseat in best.

Polls continue to exhibit that will Americans care more about the economy compared to some other election issue. Rick Santorum, that promised to include manufacturing work opportunities to assist struggling workers without university degrees.

In prime time, Rubio made one in the most immediate pitch to workers: "The work that after sustained our middle class," he said, "they both don't pay enough or even they are gone, along with we want somebody which realizes that as our nominee."

That's a new pitch tailor-made regarding Cleveland, which usually Republicans possess additionally chosen to host their national convention next year. Ohio Gov. Chris Christie had been discussing his childhood.

The earlier debate, featuring seven candidates running lower inside the polls, ended up being simply no better. Rand Paul involving Kentucky, Gov. The Actual consensus winner of this debate, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, in zero way mentioned jobs or the economy at all.

"Way inadequate discussion" regarding economic growth, the actual conservative commentator Larry Kudlow tweeted after the prime-time debate ended. He's coming from Oregon, and he misses it.

. Fox news moderators noted that will they'd received a lot more than 3,000 economy-themed questions upon Facebook ahead of the debate. Scott Walker regarding Wisconsin and also former Arkansas Gov. "Jobs" came up twenty times. John Kasich talked up the particular pro-growth energy involving balancing your federal budget.

Several candidates pushed tax cuts, including Sen. Marco Rubio fielded certainly one of the night's precious couple of questions about the economy. Which In Turn is the purpose why it's thus baffling that will neither the questioners nor most candidates seemed eager to chat regarding growth, work and - as Republicans happen in order to be promising to complete all election cycle - America's beleaguered working class.

In a couple regarding hours involving prime-time debating inside Cleveland, the phrase "economy" showed up ten times. Jim Gilmore along with coming from former Pennsylvania Sen. "If you're among your 65 percent of Americans who think your U.S. Christie emphasized cuts inside safety-net applications like Social Security, to cut back government spending.

Deep in to the prime-time Republican presidential debate in Thursday night, Florida Sen. will be about the wrong track," said James Pethokoukis, a new conservative writer for your American Enterprise Institute who has pushed Republican candidates to deal with worker angst, "what get these debates offered?"

The answer: the bit of bragging regarding numerous governors' economic records - along with only a couple of details to help differentiate the actual candidates' promises to increase the economy going forward


State board hires temp education commissioner - The Courier-Journal

Adhere to the Courier-Journal's education and learning group on Facebook at SchooledCJ.

With less than 4 weeks to precede state Education Commissioner Terry Holliday retires, the Kentucky Board of Education has actually named Kevin Brown to be the acting commissioner as the board remains to search for an irreversible replacement.

State Education official Kevin Brown opens a public hearing on the new scientific research standards in public schools at the Capital Plaza Tower in Frankfort, Kentucky. He added that advances were also made to superintendents across Kentucky in addition to those leading huge college districts across the nation.

In all, he stated, greater than 330 contacts were made, out of which 44 candidates applied.

Brown has actually been with the Kentucky Department of Education considering that May 2004. He will certainly make the matching of $150,000 a year.

Marcum said Florida-based search company Greenwood-Asher and also Associates, which is leading the candidate search initiative, targeted its outreach to resting education and learning commissioners around the country, as well as to associate and also assistant commissioners. In his current part, he is the department's primary lawyer as well as oversees the interactions department and the process for exploring state testing infractions.

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At the same time, the board narrowed down a listing of 44 candidates for the commissioner task down to 15, stating the board will obtain even more information on the prospects from the search firm before determining which will certainly be spoken with.

The education and learning commissioner task was published in mid-June, a couple months after Holliday revealed he would retire Aug. Steve Beshear is term-limited as well as will certainly be replaced in December.

Prior to that, he was an assistant attorney general of the united states in Kentucky.

"I anticipate us to proceed on as if Dr. Holliday was still here," board chairman Roger Marcum told Brown throughout the board conference. 1 and also will certainly run the division up until a brand-new commissioner is called. Former lawful counsel and partner commissioner Kevin Noland worked as interim commissioner 4 different times, Marcum kept in mind.

Brown, an associate commissioner with the Kentucky Division of Education, will start Sept. The interviews will certainly not be open to the public, however the board is anticipated to discuss whether to openly launch the names of finalists.

The board satisfied in exec session Wednesday to go through applications, then enacted open session to bring Brown on lead the state education and learning department on a temporary basis.

Reporter Allison Ross can be gotten to at -LRB-502-RRB- 582-4241. July 23, 2013(Image: John Sommers II/Special to the C).

Marcum claimed there was "great deals of self-confidence in the division that Kevin Brown can baiting an acting basis," adding that there is some priority for putting him in as meantime. 31 after nearly 6 years leading the state's education efforts.

Board participants had wished to select a new commissioner before Holliday retired yet never ever ruled out the possibility of placing a meantime in position. Follow her on Twitter at @allisonSross. Marcum later told the Courier-Journal that it "ended up being noticeable" to the board that it needed to assign an interim, stating it offers the board more breathing space to locate the best candidate and also alleviates a few of the "agitation" in the division concerning not having a brand-new leader in time.

The board will certainly meet Aug. 14 and also 15 in Louisville to conduct the candidate meetings. Whoever is decided on as the following education and learning commissioner will have to discover how to deal with a brand-new and as-yet unknown state guv, as Gov.


Roger Federer's final golden opportunity - ESPN

Peter Bodo, Tennis

ClosePeter Bodo has been covering tennis for over 35 years, mostly recently for ESPN. He is a former WTA Writer of the Year and the author of numerous books, including the classic The Courts of Babylon and the New York Times bestseller (with Pete Sampras), A Champion's Mind. His new book on the 1975 Wimbledon final between Arthur Ashe and Jimmy Connors will be out in June of 2015.

Roger Federer's long-standing decision to play full time on tour until at least the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro appears to be a signature combination of precise and sensible reasoning with dazzling ambition and breathtaking optimism.

After all, Federer was fast approaching 30 years of age when he first said he hoped to play a starring role in Rio. He had just won his 17th major at the 2012 Wimbledon championships, his first major in 2½ years. It was a time considered by many to be the twilight of his career, a glorious supernova after which Federer would gracefully fade. It would be the classy, Federer-esque thing to do. It was logical -- but not Rogical.

When he declared his intentions, some scratched their heads: "What, this guy wants to play full time for four more years?" Even some of his devout fans were skeptical he could last. After all, Federer will be deep into his 17th year on tour during the Brazil games. He could well arrive in Rio treading water somewhere deep in the rankings pool -- if he even lasted that long.

Roger Federer came up short against Andy Murray in 2012, settling for the silver medal. Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

It may turn out that way yet, but not based on the evidence at hand. Federer has cemented his position as No. 2 in the world. He's the recent Wimbledon finalist, where he joined Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and surprise semifinalist Richard Gasquet as the class of the field. Federer is healthy, fit, happy and ... playing the best tennis of his life.

And there's this: Federer still has some Olympic scores to settle. First on the list is adding the checkmark in the last remaining box on a great champion's to-do list: a singles gold medal.

Federer caught a nice break when the organizers of the Rio games decided to host the tennis event on hard courts rather than the most ubiquitous surface in Brazil, clay. Predictably, Rafael Nadal wasn't entirely pleased with this decision, given the overwhelming preference for clay in South America. He said at a media conference during the Rio ATP 500 (ironically, it's a clay-court event): "I am surprised that in a country which has clay specialists the Olympics are going to be played on hard court."

Terse enough?

Although Nadal advocates detected conspiracy on behalf of the hard-court maestro Federer, the larger issue is that the Olympic games will take place two weeks before the US Open. There seemed to be no reasonable choice but to host the games on the same surface that the players will find so soon thereafter at Flushing Meadows.

The surface may be a boon to Federer, but his own Olympics singles history will not necessarily be a confidence-booster.

Federer had just turned 19 in 2000 shortly before his first Olympics appearance at the Sydney games, but he already had a ranking of No. 32. Nevertheless, he lost the bronze-medal match to a player whose ranking was nearly double his own, France's No. 62, Arnaud DiPasquale. The winner did not go on to win 17 Grand Slam titles, but he's got some tale to tell his grandkids.

In Athens in 2004, Federer was the top seed and No. 1 in the world. He cruised past Nikolay Davydenko in the first round but was upset in the second round to a tall Czech ranked No. 79 in the world -- an up-and-coming youngster named Tomas Berdych. In 2008, in Beijing, Federer was again No. 1, but he was simply blasted off the court in the quarterfinals by seventh-ranked James Blake.

His consolation prize for what amounted to roughly a decade of frustrated Olympic ambitions? A doubles gold medal he earned in yoke with Stan Wawrinka seven years ago.

The most bitter pill yet was forced down Federer's throat in 2012 in London. Softened up by the stiff resistance Juan Martin del Potro had offered in the semifinals (Federer won it at great cost, 19-17 in the third), Federer was beaten in three tough sets by local hero Andy Murray, who until then was a chronic major final washout. The aftertaste of that loss was alleviated only by the fact that just weeks earlier, Federer had won Wimbledon on the same Centre Court at the All-England Club against Murray.

Still, Federer finally had a singles medal to go with his doubles gold.

Whatever else is in play a year from now in Rio, it's hard to imagine Federer will have any more chances at singles gold. He'll be dealing with more pressure than some of the other competitors in an event that already has many of the same anxiety-invoking elements as Davis Cup, the other high-profile international tennis competition.

Roger Federer has been going for gold since his first Olympic Games in 2000. Al Bello/Allsport/Getty Images

Much like Davis Cup, Olympic tennis is partly about striking a blow for national pride rather than mere personal accomplishment. The opportunity -- or burden -- affects people in different ways at different times. But one thing is obvious: Davis Cup and Olympic tennis results are often unpredictable. All bets are off when it comes to these non-tour events. These are the times when a journeyman who can't keep pace with the elites on a day-in, day-out basis gets his chance to strike a resounding blow -- one that can transform him overnight into a national hero.

Just ask Nicolas Massu, the Chilean whose career-high ranking was No. 9 but who won Olympic gold in singles in Athens in 2004.

When tennis first rejoined the five-ring family in 1988 (after a hiatus of more than 60 years), the organizers (the ITF, answering to the IOC) had one significant problem: Unlike, say, boxing or marathon running, tennis was dominated by a handful of countries, led by the U.S.

In order to ensure an adequately broad representation in the tennis draws, the organizers came up with a quota system, which is why the first few Olympic singles draws of 64 (no byes) contained so many unfamiliar names. The effect was somewhat surreal, but it was anxiety-inducing for established players. That contributed to the form-busting results.

The first two men's gold medalists were Miloslav Mecir of (then) Czechoslovakia in 1988 in Seoul, followed by Marc Rosset of Switzerland in Barcelona. Only Mecir would go on to play (and lose) in a Grand Slam final, and that was just once.

The beaten finalists? Mecir defeated Tim Mayotte of the USA. Rosset took out Jordi Arrese of Spain.

The global growth of the game and the concomitant decline of U.S. tennis, along with the fine-tuning of the qualification procedure and format (the best-of-five format was dropped after Barcelona), have helped make Olympic tennis a little more like a typical ATP Tour event. But the overarching vibe is different, and the impact is has on a player's ability to perform is hard to assess.

One thing is certain, though: Federer's decision to plug away through Rio isn't based merely on cold, hard ambition. As he said in a media conference as the London Olympics got underway in 2012:

The chance to play for Olympic gold again is "a dream come true, I would say, because I definitely get inspired by the 1992 victory by Marc Rosset. He won the Olympics. That was huge news in Switzerland. I definitely was inspired by that.

"So when I got to be part of the Sydney Olympics 12 years ago, I stayed in the village. I was there for over two weeks. I had the best time following sports, being there with the athletes, playing so well. I almost overachieved in that tournament."

"Almost" is the operative word there. For it was DiPasquale who walked away with an Olympic medal. Federer didn't exactly walk away empty-handed, though. Sydney is where he firmed up his relationship with the young Swiss WTA pro who would become his wife, Mirka Vavrinec.

Federer is still living that dream, the way he was still living it London. It goes on partly despite the fact that he has a gold medal now, as well as a silver. You might think that would be enough for one man, but he's still got his heart set on another gold, and this time the one in doubles won't do.

Apple's next Music moves might include more Beats radio stations - Macworld

Downloads are slipping, however that isn't a brand name new trend, as well as it's section of the actual reason Apple acquired Beats music along with launched Apple music within the very first place. In case Apple can easily convince songs customers to supplement their own purchases having a perk-filled paid streaming subscription, labels would have no cause to always be able to complain. (OK, let's become realistic: They'd possess fewer reasons.)

No one expected Beats 1 to grow in order to be Apple Music's standout feature, nevertheless the 24/7 radio station can be winning over listeners with a mix regarding genuinely great shows, exclusive interviews, and anchor Zane Lowe's genuine adore associated with music. but record labels aren't gung-ho concerning Apple's streaming services yet, since individuals subscribers tend to be most upon totally free trials until the end involving September.

Beats one is actually worldwide and attempt to on, yet a lot more Beats stations might sometimes be live.

More as compared to ten million folks have enrolled for Apple music inside the five weeks since its launch, according to music business insiders, that is impressive. Apple might replicate Beats 1's good results with more live radio stations, unnamed resources told The Particular Verge.

Apple reportedly worked out an arrangement with almost all the major record labels that enables it to produce 5 much more radio stations like Beats 1 with no to spend more per play. (If it is, 9to5Mac notes in which Beats one hosts have become adding full replays associated with their own shows with their Connect pages rather than just playlists.). There's absolutely no indication the quantity of will drop off if the totally free audio runs out, yet Apple continues to have time for anyone personally to figure out the approach to convert trial users in to spending ones.

beats 1 ios

Another cause record labels are usually optimistic concerning Apple Music: Based on The Actual Verge's sources, Apple Songs streaming hasn't cannibalized iTunes downloads yet. Based on The Actual Verge's sources, Apple pays labels a lot more per Beats 1 play compared to Pandora does.

Why this matters: It's unclear if Apple really plans to utilize its extra licenses to create much more "Always on! Worldwide!" stations, nevertheless it could make sense--Beats one isn't really are living a day a day, and also its musical agenda can be largely centered about British hip-hop as well as electronica, which usually isn't everyone's cup regarding tea


How to stage a social media competition - Sydney Morning Herald

Put a new bit of the spin in big giveaways."

For a quantity of demographics, any $50 Coles voucher will appeal a lot a lot more than a designer handbag really worth 5 times as much.

Today's savvy competition hosts identify their particular goal industry and provide a prize that's relevant, and congruent along with their particular enterprise image.

Want more people to stop, study and also enter?

Launched last October, it attracted 2500 entries and also 300,000 votes across social media; statistics vastly throughout extra in the 300 entrants and also 3000 votes expected.

Not thus fast, cautions Buderim Ginger team marketing manager Jacqui Price, whom presided more than the actual manufacturer's hugely well-liked Australia's Hottest Ginger contest.

Belinda Jennings via Mum Central: It's worth relying on the specialists to be able to ensure your rivals is a success.

Past promotions on her Facebook pages possess included a tournament for you to become the Aldi toy tester, with the award of the $350 toy bundle, which usually attracted 5500 entries throughout 10 days.

Follow the particular rules

Some of the actual really most popular are generally Woobox for Facebook; SnapApp, which may be utilized to create competitions upon Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and also Pinterest; as well as Wishpond, which functions across Facebook as well as Twitter, Doyle says.

Rinse and also repeat. Thus do you know the keys to doing the actual work well inside cyberspace?

Big picture planning

"Every social media platform has their own teams of guidelines you want to adhere for you to but from private experience, as long as you do not instigate spammy techniques or perhaps post inappropriate content, you need in order to be fine," he says.

Want for you to simplify the entire process of running a contest and help make certain it's easy for your fans and also customers in order to enter? There's an app regarding that.

Has your organization manage a social media contest? What exactly are the methods for doing it right?

The appeal of a great competitors are perennial. . Do a lot of quality testing beforehand; get the platform right."

Check you have the best infrastructure set up to your contest to perform smoothly before going live, Cost says.

Testing, 1, 2, three . . the contest generated 154 new memberships along together with a spike in revenue and also bookings.

Gone previously would become the events of raffling off the random Apple device.

Lots of these within fact, Doyle says, as well as should you want your own comp to operate smoothly, you'll use one.

Dearest just isn't essentially best, Jennings factors out.

Get the reward right

So your rivals ended up being a big success?

"Social media users are generally scrolling, scrolling, scrolling," Jennings says, and they'll bypass your rivals inside the blink of an eye, whether it doesn't catch theirs immediately.

"You've got to be proactive with it along with keep going," he says.

Treat it as part of a greater advertising mix, not actually a stand-alone tactic to become able to pique interest temporarily, says Joshua Strawczynski, marketing as well as advertising director in Myguestlist, an agency which runs promotions for your hospitality sector.

Like your current contest to be greater than a new flash within the cyber-pan?

"It's really difficult to backtrack when it's on your market . . .

More industry awareness, more customers: great outcomes for your business. Having the contest stopped or your social media account banned? not thus much.

Radcliffe plans to perform a new similar contest, having a main reward - "you've got to use something decent pertaining to them; the actual events of adding any couples regarding slabs are generally gone" - each and every 3 months.

Here are the handful of tips.

Belinda Jennings through Mum Central: It's worth relying about the specialists to ensure your rivals is actually a success. Staging 1 via social media may be a low-cost approach to market your company brand, drive targeted traffic to your current site and also boost inquiries along with sales.

Make certain you don't run afoul regarding Facebook, Twitter et al, by simply boning up in his or her promotional guidelines prior to launch, Hello Social managing director Max Doyle cautions.

Invest within the solutions of your artist to end up being able to create a clear, compelling and also professional look for your own contest, Mum Central and Australian Infant Bargains founder Belinda Jennings says.

Get app-y

Then it's time as well as energy to start planning your next one, says Jamie Radcliffe, the dog owner associated with Edwards Tavern in Wodonga within country Victoria, whose initial Facebook contest providing a pair of flights in order to Thailand went off like a rocket inside March.

Entrants had been necessary to turn out for you to be members with the Tavern, similar to its Facebook page as well as tag the person they would consider using them on holiday. Photo: Supplied

Professional design

"We've seen which customers having a thought-out engagement strategy, which includes email, text along with social media, would end up being the firms that flip competition entrants straight into loyal customers," Strawczynski says.

Think you're ready in order to go complete steam ahead?

"What will tickle his or her fancy?" Jennings asks.

"It's actually important that a person simply make a bit of hype, don't just give away any product


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